TRILL shredlife 2016 / trip to OSLO

crew: Darek / RH / Pony / Máta
The best Guide Radek. Always fun, also in -10
Spont hunter RH 
VX1000 works good ! 
Máta on the roof. Spot which we called "board destroyer"
We're still working with bungee. At least good morning exercise
Darek in 5-0 on the Z kink rail with stoppers 
It is beautiful masterpiece. Isn't it ?
Jacek behind the camera, Radek behind the tree. Huge thanks to those fools!
We are filming each other and thats's one of the main point in TRILL shredlife !
Darek got banger ! We are so stoked that we brang Darek with us to Oslo !
Yes, he ripped it ! 
They call this place "Gniazdo" If you are free bird as we are. You know how is it when you got the invitation to friends nest. Thanks to Radek, Dominika, Alan and Thomas
This park is full of strange statues at the center of Oslo. And we like it there ! 
You see ! Máta found his posse 
Aslo Darek and Pony found their posse
Champs / Máta - Darek - Pony - RH /  Oslo city behind us. We got some shots and whole trip was real fun.

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